Couple Therapy

Despite what the fairytales and films would have us believe, relationships are hard work! No couple goes without experiencing some challenges that test the relationship and require some elbow grease to sort out. That's where I come in. Through couples therapy, I help couples navigate difficult conversations, overcome infidelity, reconnect after becoming parents, move through challenging transitions, and turn toward one another to manage the struggles of daily life.

When I work with couples, I position myself to understand the nature of the attachment between partners, identify the ways in which the attachment has been compromised or threatened, create a space in which both partners can be heard and understood, and strengthen the ties that bind them so they can work as a unit to address the problems challenging their connection.

As a proud ally and advocate for the LGBTQ community, I have received and provided special training in the area of same-sex couples therapy. I openly welcome couples of all orientations and identities.