Psychospiritual Coaching

What is psychospiritual coaching?

Psychospiritual coaching is a holistic approach to personal and professional wellness that unites traditional psychological theories and inclusive spiritual principles. Its purpose is to assist individuals on their personal path to wholeness and wellness, guiding them toward achieving their highest potential in all areas of their lives. This unique approach to coaching takes into account the mind, body, and spirit, aiming to unify them in the service of personal development and transformation. As each individual is unique, so is each psychospiritual coaching experience.  Through the client-coach relationship, diverse ideas and approaches can be explored with the aim of supporting the client’s journey toward personal fulfillment.


Who benefits from this form of coaching? 

Psychospiritual coaching is designed to support people who want to experience the best that life has to offer.  Clients in this program set specific goals and utilize their coaching experience to overcome limitations, improve their relationships, establish a deeper sense of connection to themselves and the world around them, access their fullest potential, and learn strategies for achieving personal and professional success. Since this form of coaching is tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, just about anybody can benefit from it! This service is ideal for anyone residing outside of  South Florida, as it can be facilitated through Skype technology and other asynchronous methods.


How is psychospiritual coaching different from therapy?

Whereas the purpose of therapy is to address specific problems or challenges, the purpose of coaching is to set and achieve particular goals. Coaching is an action oriented process in which the coach and client work together to generate solutions and results. Psychospiritual coaching, in particular, serves to guide clients in the process of unifying their mind, body, and spirit while accessing their highest potential.