What if you could have the life you've always wanted?

Take a moment and ask yourself this question: What do I truly want in my life? Allow yourself to call upon your deepest desires, and pause to imagine what your life would look like if those desires became your reality. Now ask yourself: What would need to happen so that I could get from where I am now to where I am in this vision of my ideal future? 

If you’re like most people, you're probably eager for something (or many things) to be different in your life. Maybe your relationship feels shaky, or you’re unhappy at work but don’t know what to do about it. You might be struggling with addiction, depression, or anxiety. Or perhaps you're just generally dissatisfied with your life. Whatever is challenging you, chances are you know your life could improve if you could just get past it . . . . but how?

That's where I come in. For nearly a decade I’ve been helping people just like you overcome their challenges and create powerful, lasting change in their lives. By contacting me and scheduling your free consultation, you’re taking the first step toward creating that ideal future you envisioned.


Evergreen Therapy

Enriching Lives, Evolving Strengths, Enhancing Relationships



Individual Therapy

Give yourself the opportunity to transform and create positive change in your life. Explore new ways to think, feel, and take action that will expand your perspective and open you up to new possibilities.

Psychospiritual Coaching

Unify your mind, body, and spirit, and take your life to the next level. Accomplish your goals, find your passion, and unlock your highest potential.


Explore the possibilities that exist for utilizing the connection between your mind and body to effortlessly but significantly create change.

Couple Therapy

Overcome the obstacles in the way of your relationship satisfaction while strengthening the connection with your partner. Renew your bond, revive your passion, restore your trust.

Mindfulness-Based Consulting

Experience all the benefits of mindfulness by incorporating this evidence-based practice in your school or work environment.

Workshops and Events

Experience the healing power of mutual understanding, connection, support, and community. Expand your potential for growth and change by sharing your experiences and learning new perspectives in a comfortable, safe setting.


“Finding a therapist that works for you, and with you, can be difficult. I started working with Denise for help with martial issues. During our work together, I found her to have a peaceful demeanor with a methodology and approach that were warmly accepted and relatable. She understands the emotional complexity of relationships and family and is there as a guide to help simplify it and get to the root of the situation."


“I remember the first session that I had with Denise. She made me feel 100% comfortable but also made me think of questions that were uncomfortable and that challenged me to become responsible for my growth. I am grateful every day that Denise is part of my life and saved my life. The sessions that I had with her were raw, real, painful, and joyous.”


“I thought my time spent working with Denise was extremely helpful in my initial recovery and the long term sobriety that I am after. She took it to a very personal level and I believe she understood my background and the work I needed to do to move forward. She was not institutional in giving advice. She actually took the time to learn about me as an individual.”


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